This is the home page of the Navy MATS Reunion Group. We are dedicated to preserving the history of those Naval Air Transport Squadrons that were detached from the Naval Command and attached to the MILITARY AIR TRANSPORT SERVICE, and the MILITARY AIRLIFT COMMAND during the years 1948 to 1967. The men and women of these squadrons were diverted from their naval careers to serve with the United States Air Force, and established long term relationships while serving in these unique units. In 1981, these former shipmates banded together to form the Navy Mats Reunion Group to preserve and memorialize the exploits of these units that have gone largely unheralded in the archives of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and military history.

Within these pages you will find the history of the Naval Air Transport Squadrons, that were assigned to this unique combined USAF/USN command to provide the needed airborne logistic requirements as seen by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Their period of service was born in 1948, lasted through the Cold War, Berlin Airlift, Korean Campaign, and Viet Nam Campaign.  These units were recognized for their outstanding performance, safety and reliability of air supply during the period.  One of the units was awarded the Air Force Unit Commendation, an unusual award for a U.S. Navy unit.  You may access a brief history of the individual units by selecting the squadrons menu at the top of page.

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