VR-22 Insignia



Established June 1, 1946, NAS Norfolk, VA as VRJ-2

September 1948 designated VR-22, FltTacSupron

July 1958, Incorporated into MATS

April 1965, Relocated to NAS Moffett Field

De-established April 1967, NAS Moffett Field

Only Squadron to serve both Atlantic and Pacific Divisions of MATS/MAC

Aircraft Types Flown:
Martin TBM, R6D Liftmaster, C-130 Hercules

Naval Air Transport Squadron 22, (VR-22) was established by a re-designation of VRJ-2 in 1948 as part of the Navy's Fleet Tactical Support fleet at Norfolk, VA. It was a unit of the Naval Air Force Atlantic Fleet. It operated various types of aircraft including the Grumman TBM Avenger for Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD), During the change to Fleet Tactical support, it operated the R5D Skymaster, and later the R6D Liftmaster. In 1958, its personnel and aircraft were reassigned to the Military Air Transport Service, and won several Outstanding Unit awards flying strategic airlift support missions between the U.S. Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean and Caribbean See. It was the only squadron that made the change from the R6D Liftmaster to the C-130E Hercules. Its missions often included flights to Norway, Morocco and even New Zealand.

In 1963 the squadron transitioned from the R6D Liftmaster to the C-130E Hercules (the only R6D squadron to make this transition). Equipped with 10 C-130E's, it was a major tenant at NAS Norfolk VA, operating its own major repair and maintenance facilities. Manned by some 140 officers and 500 enlisted men, it was headquartered in Hangar SP2 in the northwest corner of NAS Norfolk. Its operating schedule now included frequent flights to Puerto Rico, The Azores Islands, Labrador and Newfoundland. Special missions or emergencies have take VR-22 aircraft as far afield as Turkey, Iran and the Congo

In 1965 the squadron was relocated to NAS Moffett Fled, CA to assist in the added burden in the Pacific, created by the Vietnam conflict. It joined long time MATS squadrons VR-7 and VR-8 in this endeavor under the Navy's Naval Air Transport Wing of the Pacific Division of MATS. This squadron had compiled enviable records for flight safety, maintenance and aircraft availability and continued to distinguish itself amongst its Pacific peers. The commitments it made were met and often exceeded, planning it among the top of all MATS/MAC squadrons. Indeed, the squadrons operations were best summed up in their motto - "Omni Tempore Ubiuis" - ANY TIME, ANY WHERE!